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La dolce vita

La dolce vita

I know, I know, la dolce vita is a clichéd title, but it’s pretty appropriate. I’ve been slightly absent from the blogosphere for a number of weeks. The reason: Matt and I had a non-stop few days involving London, northern Tuscany and the area around […]

Off the grid, on the map

Off the grid, on the map

Sometimes it’s easy to get swept away in the hustle and bustle, and the excitement of constant activity too. Sometimes it’s soothing just to relax, no plans, no deadlines. How many of us are guilty of forgetting that?     From Friday evening to Sunday […]

Hare, there and everywhere

Hare, there and everywhere

I read on the Pentreath & Hall Inspiration blog earlier this year how the author, Ben Pentreath, was aiming to do one new thing every weekend. Unintentionally I have been doing much the same thing.This weekend just passed was a much more sedate affair, but no less novel and enjoyable.

Friday night saw Matt and I taking a quick trip to Rolando’s Italian restaurant and gelateria in the centre of Lymm. It’s one of my favourite eateries in the area now, with satisfying pizzas and pastas, a drinks license, and starters that really stand out on their own. As for the gelati – delicious! Such an array of flavours and all very reminiscent of the real Italian deal. For those who are gluten intolerant or coeliac, Rolando’s offers gluten-free variations on their dishes (and I’m not just talking jacket potatoes!).

Saturday started out lazily, much as they have been doing for the last three weeks really. I have been shadowing at a local garden design firm and as such, have had to condense my hospital work hours into four days a week rather than five. This has entailed early starts and later finishes, and consequently, longer days overall.

By early afternoon however Matt and myself were up and about, and went off to visit Hare Hill, a smaller National Trust location down towards Macclesfield. I have to say a huge “thank you” to my brother and sister-in-law for their generous gift of National Trust membership for my 30th birthday; I have definitely had my money’s worth from it since receiving it, and shall certainly be keeping it going into the future.

There is not a lot to Hare Hill, but it’s charming. It wasn’t too busy even on the Saturday afternoon, probably due to its size and the entrance being tucked away inconspicuously.

It is mainly wooded, with a beautiful seating area by “Pistol Pond”, overlooking fields of grazing cattle and the hall once connected to the land. There is an unassuming little greenhouse with a veg plot, currently home to some tangled sweet peas (left to their own devices, much to the chagrin of one sociable volunteer) and some burgeoning squash plants.

There is also a walled garden filled with white flowering specimens, encompassing a well maintained level lawn. The sun wasn’t out, but it was a pleasant place to take a seat for a few minutes nonetheless, sheltered from any breeze.

Let’s not forget, while I think, the many hares carved from wood and dotted around the parkland – a dozen if I remember rightly. Great for little ones to seek out. Hare Hill is also fundraising to bring back Rocco the shire horse, employed briefly last year to help dredge the ponds in a sustainable, low impact way. Well worth the contribution I would say, not only for the sake of Hare Hill, but also for this beautiful breed of horse.

Sunday saw us being more “hardcore” – we attended Our Big Gig at the Jean Stansfield Memorial Park in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire. The main purpose was to visit Matt’s good friend Lyndsey and her baby (such a cutie), but it felt great to be helping out a charity again (the Friends of Jean Stansfield Park – find them on Facebook) and relaxing with some prosecco in the sun with good company and live music. I have to say, the sun was totally unexpected for us. When we left Matt’s it was grey, wet and a bit chilly – hence rocking up in wellington boots and jeans! Poulton-le-Fylde, on the other hand, was sunny and hot, and everyone else was wearing minimal clothing and flip-flops..!

This was a weekend involving little movement, but what a much-needed, chilled weekend it was.

Sometimes it’s just what you need, no?